Secure Identity Services (SIS)

Secure Identity Services (SIS) is responsible for supporting Virginia Tech’s online identity management and authentication processes. SIS provides secure access to information resources, and supports robust web applications, middleware, online directories, and authentication technologies that integrate with teaching, learning, research, and outreach services throughout the university. Our mission is accomplished by

  • Managing the lifecycle of digital identities at Virginia Tech, including implementing business logic for provisioning the university’s ubiquitous personal identifier, the PID.
  • Developing Enterprise Directory middleware based upon the Internet2 MACE architecture.
  • Supporting authentication and authorization services including the Login authentication service, the Enterprise LDAP Directory, and 2-factor authentication.
  • Providing a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to support the issuance of trusted digital certificates that can be used for authentication, digital signatures, and to facilitate encryption of information while at rest and in transit.
  • Ensuring quality software development and security through testing and verification for services developed and supported by SIS and other units within the Division of Information Technology.